Monday, October 30, 2006

The Jim Bunch Eats Again -- It's Jim's Birthday II

October 30
I'm XY years old!!
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Saturday Billy, Karen, and GC#4 [at the far end of the table] took Mrs. Jim, Mema, and me to Lunch. It was at Candelari's Pizza near their home.

This was my birthday treat from these kids. We all knew it wasn't my birthday but Karen would leave for a week of business meetings in London after lunch.

I ended up with a very nice maroon Nordi golf shirt from our Nordstrom store as a present from them. I always request 'no presents' but everyone just ignores that.

After lunch we dropped Karen off at the George W. Bush Intercontinental Airport on our way home.

We had a very nice visit, as we had come in the morning. We watched some of our Russian river cruise video and visited.

. .
Adi sure was glad to see us. She said goodbye to Billy, Karen, GC#4, and then she came home with us.
. .
Yesterday a couple of our Sunday class groups met for lunch for church yesterday. They had mentioned with the announcements that my birthday would be Monday.
Although the lunch wasn't really for me, I got a lot of Happy Birthday wishes.
. .
Susie has called me to arrange for the rest of the kids to party too. We are thinking it will be this some time week. It's nice to be remembered on your birthday.
In case you are wondering what the lunch was, it was Halloween. The food was Mexican. We had my favorite vegetable too, pumpkin. I didn't get a picture, but they were pumpkin filled tarts with whipped cream on the top, i.e. miniature pumpkin pies.

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You don't look a day over 21 Jim!!

Your celebrations look so much fun. You all know how to celebrate in style.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

Don't let them give you the bumps though.

Take care xx
Hi Jim ~ I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and by the look of your outings with family and friends, it
was great. We are never too old to enjoy birthdays. Thanks for your comments. I agree about Daylight Saving as I love it. Glad Mrs Jim has worked out how to treat you, only took 33 years.!! Take care, Regards, Merle.
when is your Bday?

in case i forget HBD! :)
Hi Jim, happy happy birthday,looks as though it was celebrated in high style. Adi is very social I can see by the busy life she has.
Thanks for visit and comments on Cobb and Co Post. I will do a follow up in the next couple of days about the history of.
Cheers Margaret
Hi Jim..Hope you had a happy birthday.The celebrations seemed
to have gone well.Thanks also for your visit.
Happy Birthday Jim, You are quite the social animal.
P's are good for you (pizza and pumpkin pie)...
Happy Birthday!
JoJo -- I looked in the English American British Lexicon Dictionary for 'bump.'
Is that what you really meant?
[Usage example: “she was looking at his bump”.]
Maybe better would be the Irish for 'birthday bumps' that Google found? It says:
"Ireland - Birthday Bumps. The birthday child is lifted upside down and "bumped" on the floor for good luck. The number of bumps given is the age of the ..."
Yes Jim I meant the Irish version. Hmmm not sure about the other one. LOL

Have a smashing birtday Jim!!
Hi Dad- Cheers from London! Happy Birthday! I had fun celebrating this last weekend. Enjoy the day!
Happy Birthday Jim.
Do you know there are 12million calories in a sundae (maybe a little overstated) but hey it's so yummy (burp oops! ate too much).

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