Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A quick trip to Baton Rouge and back

This was to see Mrs. Jim's cousins. We needed to see them again before we left for our jail trip, they are in their nineties. He is in very bad health and his wife is a weary caregiver.

This trip involved going on this very long bridge (a continuous 18.2 mile [29,290 meters] bridge (link)) across the Atchafalaya Basin (link).


Coming back started out not so much fun because of the rain. Traffic was heavy on that bridge. Then we came upon this sign. Should we take the Grosse Tete [Grosse, French for large] exit? Might be lots of activity there.



We opted for Whiskey Bay. Things were a little more relaxed there. [You might want to click on the pictures to really appreciate those signs--they are for real.]



What was special about Whiskey Bay? I took this picture on the way over. No fishing today but I'll bet they were biting good there.

Adi? She came with us, Mema too. They were in the back seat. Backseat drivers I might add; they made us get right back on the Interstate at Whiskey Bay without even stopping over.

And speaking of weary, Mrs. Jim, Adi, and I spent the night last night at church, with our Interfaith Hospitality Network (link) families. We got Mema and left from there. That's why there wasn't any post for yesterday.

Morning Jim,

glad you had a safe trip back!,

hope you 2 have a great time,

going to miss ya! :(
You do stay busy!
Those pictures sure make the weather look bad. Glad you had a safe trip.
I hate driving in the rain like that, especially on roads I'm not familiar with. Glad you had a nice safe visit. Did they serve whiskey on Whiskey Bay?
Am sure glad you didn‘t drive into that water when you were in LA! A couple of nights ago, I dreamed that you were driving right beside a lake and you drove right into the water!
The whole car was in the water, too. Anyway, we got out & pulled it back (by ourselves with our hands!).
You said, after we got it out, that maybe you should have just left it in the lake, because your car wouldn‘t be any good now, and if you‘d left it in the lake, maybe your insurance would have covered your car (an accident--but you just drove accident!).

Be careful in R**a, although you won‘t be driving, you‘ll be by the water.
Well, Lois, I'm sure glad only superstitious people have their dreams come true. And that you aren't superstitious.
That is unless the dreams are told before breakfast. Then they will come true.

Thanks guys for your good wishes. I think it will be a nice jail-visit/trip/holiday.

Rachel, Adi and Mema wouldn't let us look for any whiskey.
Aunt Louis,

You must still have that incident of when Dad was driving a golf cart over a bridge over some water and ran over your leg (or was it you that ran over him) to have that dream.

Take care up there, it looks like the first cold snap of the year is upon you guys.
Looks like the sun's not shining on you these days, either. Turning cold here in Chicago.
p.s. The travelers only took a short survey trip to Nigeria, so they are back. And they've decided that Nigeria is not where the Lord wants them. I'm glad they could find that out before they committed to going to live there.
I spent a few late nights at Angelle's Whiskey River Landing along the levee near Lake Bigeux, LA. Good times partying with the Cajuns!

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