Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Shopping and Sleeping

Karen and I can not agree on sleeping and shopping. We both have different views on how shopping should be done. She, like some women, can browse all day and eventually buy something. I, like most men, go right in and purchase my item(s). I am in and out as quick as I can. Well after my recent purchase of golf clubs, she sent me a cartoon that she felt describes my shopping perfectly. Being the good husband that I am decided to share you views with anyone I can. So I present Karen's view of Billy shopping (Courtesy of Foxtrot):

Of course that couldn't be more wrong but I digress.

Sleeping is another point of disagreement. Karen sometimes is a bit of a non-sleeper. For various reasons (sometimes work, etc..), she can be a night owl and sometimes only sleep 4 hours a night. I personally like to sleep a bit more. That is where we disagree on how this should take place. Since she decided to use a cartoon, I felt the need to do so in return. My example of her sleeping theory by way of Marvin.

(I will let you guess which one is Karen. )

Have a great day!

Very true! We all know those of us with insomnia love to have company when watching CSI Miami reruns from 1-4 AM! Afterall, Bloomberg doesn't really start the morning until 4:30 or 5 AM
Misery loves company!

I agree with you on the shopping thing. I like to get in and get the item I want and get out. I'm just not one of those women who like to shop.

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