Friday, October 06, 2006

A simple little photo with some bigger fairly complex musings

Simply put, Halloween is upon us. Three and a half weeks from now little goblins and pirates will be tormenting and raiding for candy like this.
I bought this sack of candy at the grocery store last night for $1.50. Not to bad a price. I had in mind eating them mixed with peanuts. Someone had written in to Heloise saying this mixture makes cheap substitute for PayDay candy bars. They do, they do taste very similar to a PayDay. Try it. Candy corns work good too.
The price too much for you? Wait till November 1st and they'll be half price, 98 cents or a dollar. That's half price of the regular retail price which even at the beginning of the Halloween season they didn't get.
They go real good with coffee. Sweet things generally do. I quit using sugar in my coffee about fifty-one years ago, I was young then. I just decided that if I was drinking coffee worth bragging about then I should know what it tastes like. Ever since that decision I have fully enjoyed that full bodied strong coffee roast flavor.
The coaster under the hot cup. First, it protects the mirror beneath.
Second, it is one of a set of four, gifts from Mrs. Jim's friend Oagga. Oagga is from Korea, she married her husband, a helicopter pilot, while he was there fighting in one of those other wars we didn't win.
Third, the coaster is from Korea, made in Korea. The scene on this one is titled The New Year, depicting Oriental people making preparations for the celebration. The artist is Kim Jong Rae (1927 -- ).
The other scenes are Young Greens, Summer Night, and Harvest, all by the same artist.
The cup itself has Texas Bluebonnets as a painted decoration. We had service for eight but I dropped one cup, it broke.
One last item, Halloween things are out in full force but Christmas things are here in the stores too. One lady in the grocery store asked me, "Sir, may I wish you Merry Christmas?" I said sure and she did. Then she said she had started her Christmas season this year with that wish. I wished her back. Not a big deal with me.
This is the mirror the candy was sitting on. Mrs. Jim is using it now for this Fall decoration. The mirror was Mom's. I don't remember where in her house she kept it. It was one of those things we didn't sell at the auction.

I don't know its history either. It could have been in her attic with some of the things Dad's Aunt Minnie who lived in Omaha left them. Maybe Lois (my sister) will tell us. I do know it is very heavy.

This is the center piece for Fall on the dining room table. Mrs. Jim is a nice table decorator. The containers are pewter and the fruit is imitation, as were those pears above.

The candles are scented cinnamon and pumpkin. They are labeled pain au potiron tachet'ee, or pumpkin bread infused. I doubt if we will light them, the house smells very fragrant with them just sitting here unlit.

Oh yes, Merry Christmas all!!

Hello Jim, Some nice photos and decorations at your house. We don't do
Halloween here, which is one less thing to do and celebrate. Thank you for your nice comments about the blind boy story. It does tend to remind us to remove our own blinkers. You are very fortunate yo have done all the things in life that you need to do.But I hope you hang around awhile yet and get to do more. Thanks also for the price of gas comparison. It confirms what I
thought it wouls be - much dearer hera. Take care Jim and thanks,Merle
Merry Christmas Jim and Mrs Jim!

we don't do Halloween around our place .

What gives, why do they go from Halloween right to Christmas,
there is a holiday in between them , Thanksgiving :)
when I was a kid , we couldn't talk about Christmas until after Thanksgiving!
with that said
happy new year! :)
I'm glad you acknowledge CHRISTmas. I have a tendancy to walk out of stores filled with potential Christmas presents who won't use the word 'Christmas' in their advertising.
Oh, I can't wait for all the holiday's to get here.
How cute, little pumpkin sweets. You are right Mrs Jim is a good table decorator, I thibk I might have to cancel Christmas this year, just for myself that is. Cheers Margaret.
Wow, mom could have decorated my table while she was here! I know next time what all I should ask for when she wants to help with things around the house!! It looks very nice and hopefully the Fall weather will come upon us soon! I can't take very much longer of temps in the mid-90's!
Merrry Christmas to you too Jim! I was amazed recently in a store that already had Christmas decorations out.

I agree with Cliff too. I won't use that x thing for Christmas either.
Hi Jim
great photos and Table decorations I dont do Halloween either.Its not celebrated in Australia
Merry Christmas Mr & Mrs Jim
decorations,Christmas cards in all our shops now also and we have 1 shop in town called christmas and it sell all year around..
Have a holly jolly Christmas!

I am beginning to do a teeny tiny bit of shopping. Now that the gas prices have dropped, I may be able to buy a few more gifts. ;O)

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