Monday, October 02, 2006

What kind of hot dog is this?

Well, a GREAT BIG hint is coming next


It's a French hot dog, of course!

Tucked inside a baguette,

How in the world do they make these?



Look what that hot dog did to GC#4's tooth?

That sounds romantic, doesn't it,

to loose a tooth in Paris!



Jim can have one of those French hot dogs too!

It was a part of his jail food last April.

He is hoping for food half that

good for his next jail stint

coming in a week or so.

[For sure, to see it good click on the picture!]


Here is where and how they made Jim's. At this little hot dog deli with this British machine.

The baguette is pierced with the spear looking spike that doubles as a warmer. Hot dogs, the nice sausage kind, are kept warm in the plastic container.

Mustard is poured in the hole if wanted, then the hot dog is stuck down into the center hole. Presto, the best hot dog I'll ever have (well, ALL those like it too that I ate over there).


[Note: we never did find a hot dog like this in Britain where they make the machine, we always had them in France, Austria or Germany.]

This summer Rachel Spencer had a blog, Au Paris, on the Houston Chronicle. I was always asking her to try the French hot dog after I described it to her. She never could find one.

Upon her return to the U.S. Rachel resumed her studies in Arkansas and eventually began a writing career of her own. I was almost in love with her, her blog was so intriguing. Read some from it yourself (link).

My hot dog eating this time was at Arles, Provence, France.
Hello Jim ~ Those hot dogs sound delicious, but it's a bit far to go for one. Thanks for your comments about elevators stopping all floors.
Why would you press the button to stop at every floor? Take care, Merle.
I have an onery streak (not a mean one) every now and then.
Sometimes to aggravate Mrs. Jim or to get attention. Little kid stuff that didn't go away.
Gday jim that hotdog looks nice but like Merle im not going to paris to have one . ill stick to the Aussie hotdog with plenty tomatoe sauce please. take care
If they aren't Wimmers from West Point NE...I'm not interested.
Neat place to eat it long as you don't have to live there.

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