Thursday, October 05, 2006

You are seeing right

Yes, regular gas has gone below $1.99 and we don't even have to look very hard to find it. There are places around at $1.89 (link to Houston Gas Prices ).

It is very easy to give Vice President Dick Cheney for this. You see he came to Houston campaigning today. We are paying his wages too.
This is one way to get our money's worth out him, a kick-back on the gas prices while the administration is trying to keep Republican Congress seats. Of course big business eats this up and gives full cooperation to make the economy look good [and gas prices low].

He is pushing a probable loser, Republican write-in candidate Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, to represent the 22nd Congressional District formerly held by Tom Delay.

Shelley, a Houston City Council woman, is running against a Democrat, Nick Lampson. Nick was gerrymandered out of his seat earlier by Tom Delay. Now Nick Lampson is going get the disgraced Tom Delay's seat. Remember the saying, "what goes around comes around."

According to the Houston Chronicle today (
"Cheney spoke at the Hyatt Houston Downtown to about 200 Sekula-Gibbs supporters who paid $500 or more each for a sandwich, chips and a 15-minute speech from the vice president. She said she expects to raise $200,000 from the event."

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I understand from the news tonight that nothing was mentioned of Senator Foley of Florida who recently resigned his seat.

We aren't in this district. Our Representative is Kevin Brady (Republican) and about the only bad thing I know about him is that he was arrested last year for drunk driving in South Dakota.

Madd has a Web site, Lawmakers Busted for Drunk Driving (
link), where you can find Kevin and other unfortunate law makers/breakers. Kevin is towards the bottom of the page, you can search with your 'ctr F' command. I searched for 'Texas.'

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I played golf today with friend, Charlie. It was a beautiful morning for golf, it got a little warm in the afternoon.

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Our jail cell floor plan, we'll be bunking down there in a week now.

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We painted our bedroom last week. I did the walls, Mrs. Jim did the taping and painted the corners and around the trim. This is a night picture, it might show brighter in the daylight. Click on it to get a full-screen view.

It would appear that Adi is quite content with the new paint job. I think it lookws very nice. Cheers Margaret
Hi Jim ~ Petrol in Australia is about $1.30 for a litre which is one and
1/3 pints. What is your $1.99 for.
Your bedroom looks very nice, yo have both done well. Thanks for your comments and I am glad you enjoy most of what I post. I try to have a bit of variety. Take care, Cheers, Merle.
Thanks, Merle, we aren't professionals and I don't like to paint, but we do a passable job.

Our gas price is for one gallon which is 3.7854118 liter. That is 52.8 U.S. cents per litre (our price is really $1.999 per gallon).

It converts to 70.85 Australian Cents per litre, which is just over half your price. That is using todays exchange rate of $1.00 U.S. for $1.3418 Australian Dollar.
Nice paint job Jim! You have a lovely bedroom. Adi seems well content on her little bed as well!!

You sound like republicans somehow made gas prices come down for election purposes.

Crude is down becuase of increased supply and the expectations for increased supply (supply disruptions less of a threat due to no hurricanes and easing geopolitical concerns, stockpiles up) and decreased demand (summer driving season over, slower US growth). Refineries to convert the crude to gas are also at higher capacity (90% compared to 75% last year when the hurricanes hit). So lower crude and lower crack spreads to convert to gas mean lower gas prices.

Run this by your daughter number 2, but there is no conspiracy out there, just supply and demand (current and the expectations for).

BTW, the paint job looks good, Mrs. Jim must have been supervising while you painted.
Oh yes, Mitch, and thanks. I thought if anyone might tell me this it would be you. [Remember I'm a Republican too.]
A lot of people are saying what I said, that gas prices are being manipulated for election purposes.

The noon news said OPEC is going to meet and most want to reduce output. Crude prices have dropped too low for them.
Another gas price factor in our area is the ethonal supply. We finally have caught up. Before that we were higher than most places in the U.S.
Don't they have to know math in Congress? Shelley needs to work on hers.
I like the blue color you chose.
Love you bed!The paint job looks great too!

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