Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Adi Can . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Have a Halloween impostor

This is Adi

This is not!

These impostors of Adi and Mrs. Jim were found on GMA [Good Morning America -- link] yesterday morning.


What to do, what to do?

[for Paris Hilton in a cute bunny costume--GMA--click here]

[Paris Hilton's other costume --Heidi Klum's party--click here]

A link to our Woodlands Market Street Center Halloween Trick or Treat mentioned in my comment is [here].

While you are there, click on the Stores & More link to see why Mrs. Jim and I like to shop there. And free wi-fi while sitting on a bench when my feet get tired.

Come see us, you gotta go there!

Market Street Center Shopping link.

And the movie theatre [link]; ticket machines take your credit/debit card, small lines at these self service, you can even get senior citizen rate tickets!

Why oh why is the link to Paris Hilton being a bunny so small? Just wondering Jim.....

Bless Adi's cotton socks.

Take care xx

P.S. Halloween was a blast.
Hi Jim.
Adi Can
cute doggie dress ups .
Take Care
Are you sure that wasn't Mrs Jim imitating Paris Hilton?
Adi looks like she has a flower growing out of her right eye and she is wondering what the heck that orange thing is!
Rachel -- the picture looks a little better when clicked on.
Karol -- I couldn't handle that!
Jeanette and JoJo -- Both of those were from the GMA show. I missed Paris, they probably just had a clip. And the bunny is their Web site so I couldn't enlarge it.
Thanks, guys. Our Halloween Mrs. Jim went shopping for an hour at our Woodlands Market Street Center, I had the laptop [with free wi-fi] and was sitting on a bench editing Russian pictures.
That's the background, now the story: there were thousands of kids walking by in costume doing their trick or treat thing on the merchants.
Just a lot of them, kids and parents and even some cute young ladies, acknowledged me, the old man sitting on the bench with his laptop
That Adi sure is so sweet! She looks so cute sitting there.
Hi Karen, from London of all places!
Adi is a sweet dog!

We missed you a lot last night.
"Wish we were there."
Those are great pictures of Adi.
Karen is in London!!! That lucky gal!!
I had better keep things straight, I should have also said Karen is working this week in London, going to all kinds of meetings, etc.
Adi can still be the cutest beagle around. Sorry I missed all of the birthday eats :)
Perusing the last few blogs I'd say that Jims bunch know how to find fine eating places.

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