Thursday, November 30, 2006

Adi Can . . . . . . . Put water back in our lake

Monday, The Bachelor, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, revealed Jen as his choice for Bachelorette (link to my long blog on that).
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Susie came up with the idea for this post. I already had taken the picture after our rains. Thanks, Susie. [click the picture for full screen]
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This is the before view. Those weeds don't belong there, now they are partially covered with water. The thinking is that they will die off. This part is too shallow for much boating anyway.

The golf course irrigates using lake water. They had to dig this channel so water could get water to inlet.

The crane lives here.

BTW, the lake is up another eighteen inches or so since this picture was taken.

Gday Jim And Mrs Jim
Hahaha Adi Can well the look on Adi face im sure Adi has raised the Lake level
Susie wanted a 'before' picture. I have plenty buy blogger wouldn't let me use the one I wanted.
Awww Adie looks great and what a beautiful place you are at.

Take care xx

P.S. I use Picassa for my photos. So much easier to mess around with.
Thanks, JoJo -- I hacked a picture from a July posting into here now. The newer blogger pictures have serial numbers or something and I can't transpose one that would post anymore.

I have Picassa on the computer but I haven't learned how to use it. I think Blogger still has to load the picture from that site and it won't get those either when I can't get mine?
I may leave Blogger for a regular Web site 'one of these days.'
I think since Google took over they went down in quality.
Blogger II is too full of bugs for me.
Too many users are getting onto Blogger and it is bogging down, I call it Bogger.
Great pictures. How much more will the lake raise?
Adi's been drinking too much if she raised the lake.
I see the blue heron. Around here they still call them 'Shik-pokes'. Have you ever heard them called that JIm?
My dad told me today, you folks were suppose to get some snow?
Shik-poke!! LOL I haven't heard that word in years!! Cliff would have to come up with it!

Adi is looking good. Glad the lake is making some progress!

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