Sunday, November 01, 2009

Adi Can . . . . . . . . (and do an Awww Monday) . . . . . . . . pose with Harry Husker


The University of Nebraska Corn Huskers did win their (American) football game this Saturday, playing against the Baylor University team. I claim Nebraska on the basis of being an alumni because I attended there for three semesters. Later, eleven years of sitting out and eleven years of night school, I finished my schooling in Texas colleges.

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The picture on the left I am showing to show some of the Nebraska fans. These three sections plus another section on the other side where we were sitting and then those scattered around mixed in with the Baylor gave the Nebraska Go Big Red fans almost five full sections of the ten in the stadium.

They came down from Nebraska in droves and convoys. The average distance might be from Lincoln, Nebraska, to Waco, Texas, which would be 725 miles and about 11 hours of driving time. The roads are all Interstate Highway or equivalent.

The right picture I am showing the Baylor Marching Band who played to us at half time. Baylor has an excellent music department and a very good band. We are always impressed by Baylor. Oh, yes, I need to mention our daughter, Karen is a Baylor grad with a Bachelor of Business degree in Accounting. Of course that doesn't prejudice our thinking about Baylor's excellency one bit.

[large print] [extra large] [large print] [extra large]

Just to show the teams right after the ball was snapped from the center to the quarter back see the picture on the left. It also shows how the Nebraska fans spread out in other sections of the stadium.

On the right is the traveling semi of the Nebraska team. It carries all the teams equipment and goodies. I have never seen this truck on the road but it looks like it should keep up with traffic quite well.

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I am glad you had a great birthday and that Adi got to meet a celeb -- though he does look a bit stiff.
Rabbit, Rabbit.

G football team! (Can you tell I'm a real football fan :) )

Sunny Sunday #4 - Sunny Bunnies
Yeah, happy birthday. Can Adi pose with Herky the Hawk?
happy birthday!

really cool photos!!

go huskers!
I hope you had a wonderful Happy Birthday Jim!!! So glad Nebraska won!! Hoorah!!! I know Adi is happy too!!! :)
birthday??? oh my goodness, I am late...
So happy belated birthday, Jim! As I can see, you had a great one...! :)

All the best and God's blessings for the year ahead!
I'm glad to see that Adi is Husker fan!
And happy birthday!
Awww...Adi is adorable. She's famous now too you know. Hob nobbing and all.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
Does three semesters really count you as an alumni?
Wow you guys had great seats! That is cool that the cornhuskers took care of business! I am happy to see that ya'll had fun this weekend. I hope that you had a great birthday and happy halloween!!!!
if i cheered and wanted every college team that i went too for more than a day, i would be rooting for an awfully lot of colleges, uou, utah state, byu, scuc, i stated to go for those above but then decided to cheer for denver professional foootball but they lost alos
hey mr jim...its my darling adi...oh what a beautiful sight for poor eyes!!!i just love her!!
love terry
Dear Jim,
I'm glad you got to celebrate your birthday the way you wanted, and that Nebraska went the extra mile for you and won the game.
Ad i poses wherever her master wants her to. I think she's looking a bit shy though. Too much of a good thing may just be too much!
From Felisol

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