Monday, November 27, 2006

Another Dillema in Life:

Which should I choose?

Naranja y Pina Mezcla de Coctel en Jugo


Orange Pineapple Juice Cocktail Blend?

I'm comfortable with this Orange Pineapple drink.
I do like to try new things, this Naranja y Pina sounds exotic.
Kroger had them side by side on the shelf, two rows of each.

I decided to try the Naranja y Pina drink.

That was until Mrs. Jim came to the rescue. She said they were both the same.

We both found out that each bottle had two labels, Naranja y Pina on one side, Orange Pineapple on the other.

Bilingual, huh? I think it is a good idea, it might help me learn Spanish and surely will help the Hispanics learn English.

hi Jim
love your music! the world sure needs love . ill keep to the orande and pine drink ty.
Hope Mema feeling better. take care
Funnily enough while I was away, one of the friends I was with was checking out all the different languages on of all things a packet of crackers, I have enjoyed reading your posts that I have missed, hope Mema is doing well. Cheers Margaret
It would never fly in Farmer's Branch where they've just made English the "official language"...
Interesting. In Canada all our labels are in French and English. It hasn't helped me learn any French though,ha,ha..
Dear Jim

You made me feel so much better. Thank you.... I have been so worried about having it done. The doctor was very clear to point out the risks and it scared me. I know that they are over the top here but still. Thanks again and I will be thinking of you when I have it done. Your a good blogging pal Jim.

Take care xx

P.S. Too funny about the orange and pineapple.
Everything is in spanish it seems these days. It has not helped me yet! As to whether it's helped the Spanish folks I haven't a clue.

How is Mema??
Hi Jim ~ I had to laugh at the choice of drinks. Years ago I bought 2 cushions with a teddy-bear on each.
I spent ages finding one bear sitting and one standing. Finally found them, got them home and each cushion had a bear on each side, 1 sitting, 1 standing. So I know what you mean.
By the looks of photos, a great time and feast was had by all for T/G. Now
to rest up for Christmas. Take care, Merle.

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