Friday, November 03, 2006

Be sure to vote by Monday!

Vote to decide which site will be the Eighth Wonder of the World.
That's GMA, ABC's Good Morning America, who is running this election. You have to do that on the GMA Web site (link). No pictures here, I didn't want to lift them from GMA. I do have some, maybe will post them later, of the four places I've been.

In the running are:
The Grand Canyon;
Victoria Falls;
The Taj Mahal ;
The Great Wall of China;
Machu Picchu;
Panama Canal; or
Saturn V.

I've been to the Great Wall of China, Venice, and the Panama Canal, and worked at NASA, Houston, with the Saturn V. We made an aborted attempt to see the Grand Canyon last spring while we were in Las Vegas and ready to go, it was called off because of a late snow.

I may not live long enough to see them all! I'm votng for the Grand Canyon just to get one in the U.S.A!

How about you?

I've been to the Taj Mahal and the Grand vote..hmm..I guess the Taj Mahal.
I haven't visited any of these places Jim, but being a nature lover I'm voting for the Grand Canyon with Victoria falls a close second.
I know you hate tags,sorry.. but here's another one for you.
Oh! Please visit my blog for details...
Somebody woke travel plaza up?
The Grand Canyon is the only one I've seen. It was however the most awesome thing I've laid eyes on. No description or picture can prepare you for that.
I have not seen any of them. I'll vote for the Grand Canyon though.
As much as I think the Grand Canyon and The Victoria Falls are great, I think I'd go for The Great Wall of China as this was man made. What a huge effort and such a long length. Sure I know it's made of bricks etc and there's the odd one of two chinese to help build it....but!!!!
Warren, I may change my mind. Most of the other Wonders of the world are man made. All of them?
They are all amazing Jim! Machu Picchu is really something! I'd love to visit that place!

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