Monday, November 20, 2006

A couple of deals I can hardly pass up -- or 'share your Spam'

First deal:

Sat Nov 18, 2006
From: BraShop
Subject:, Your Victoria Secret Gift Card Expires Tonight
My comment: Too bad, I didn't open the e-mail until Sunday. Also, that Gift Card sure was a Secret, I didn't even know about it.

Second deal:

Sat Nov 18, 2006
A Solution for Singles Over 40
My comment: I'm just a little over 40 but I'm sure not single!

This means I'll have to pass on both these tremedous deals. Any takers?

What junk e-Mail or Spam did you get?

I like treet better them Spam! :)

sorry Jim couldn't help myself!

have a great day!

Lately I've been getting piles of spam. In Spanish..I have no idea what it says because I can't speak or read Spanish but it looks interesting, ha,ha..

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