Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ever wonder where your poinsettia came from?

It might be from Texas.
"Poinsettias fill Ellison's greenhouses each fall."
[Houston Chronicle picture courtessy of] Ellison's Greenhouses

A lot of poinsettias, Jim and Ellen Ellison plan to finish out 80,000 poinsettias this season.
. .
Holiday cheer grows in Brenham greenhouses - (link)Houston Chronicle, Nov. 15, 2006, 5:35AM:
"Ellison's splashiest poinsettias must be its Texas-size giants. Reaching 7 or 8 feet tall, each is made from about 22 poinsettias encouraged to grow straight up."
Update: Mema is back in the hospital. She may get out again tomorrow to go over to Park Manor, a nursing home.
Almost didn't get blogged today, running real late because of hospital things.

Poinsettias are one of my favorite things about Christmas. When I was in Tulsa, I managed to keep one alive for two years. Then I got tired and tried to plant it outside. Dead within a week.
Sorry to hear about Mema, (praying)

I think poinsettias are very pretty!

God bless you and your family
JEL, thank you for your prayers.

Mema will have her own poinsetias in her nursing home room very soon.
Sorry to hear about Mema. All of you will be our thoughts and prayers.
I always wondered where all the poinsettias came from. I know we have a few greenhouses that grow them around here but not many.
You sure are reliable...
Oh, I hope Mema does better. I'm wishing her the very best.

Those poinsettias are so pretty!! Especially when you group them all together like that. We always have lots of them at church over Christmas. Folks buy them in memory of someone and after Christmas then they take them home. Maybe some of those from there will grace our church this season!!
Jim I am sorry to hear about Mema.

The poinsettias are very beautiful but I don't do well with them and my cats are swines for eating the plants in the house.

Have you removed me from your list yet because I have been away so long.

I have been a poor blogger lately but I will be back.

Take care xx
I haven't removed anyone from my list lately.
I've been so busy with Mema in the hospital that I haven't had much time to read ya'all's blogs.
Hi Jim
Sorry to hear Mema is back in hospital Hope shes home very soon.
We will have Poinsettias in our shops soon for Christmas Abig favorite at Christmas Time

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