Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy (Turkey) Thanksgiving Day

If I were doing the cooking, the food in the picture would be a nice Thanksgiving dinner I would cook make.

Right now I need to get more bread--whole wheat or rye--and a can of whipped cream for the pie. Oh yes, I have diet cokes. You might have noticed there isn't any dressing.

So, the menu:
Deli turkey and Swiss on rye sandwich with lettuce, mayo, and mustard;
Dill pickle spears;
Pumpkin pie with whip cream; and
Diet coke.

It just couldn't be simpler than that. So easy and nourishing too!

Note: I would have cranberries but a whole can is just two much for me and Mrs. Jim to eat, there would be leftovers we couldn't handle.

I'll end this blog the way it started, have a
Happy (Turkey) Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving Mr.& Mrs Jim!

have a great day!

And thanks for the Visit!

where did I lose you at Jim?
in the fog or on the way to my other blog. :)
Your menu sounds pretty good to me.
Hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving..
Happy Thanksgiving Dad & Mom! Dad, I really think you were up at 3 AM watching the same thing I was on CBS News.

Enjoy today! We are about to start our Thanksgiving morning with Cinnamon Rolls and then move on to Billy's Thanksgiving (like your picture!!). Oh, he corrected me.... we have HEB's 99% Fat Free Smoked Turkey Breast that is already cooked and just goes in the oven for 30 minutes.

Jim's note: Billy and Karen will not be here for Thanksgiving. She is recovering from some surgery.
The 3 AM CBS News fellow said he wouldn't make such a fuss over Thanksgiving dinner, he could have it made during a football commercial break.
Thanks H&B for the support.
JEL, I don't know what a 'a doover!' is. I know you redid something but I don't know any history behind it to make sense.
Visitors, go to 11-22-2006 entry:
Happy Thanksgiving.
Hope you liked my e-card.
what in the world were you doing up at 3:00 am?
Sounds like a nice simple dinner to me! Say Hi to Karen. Hope she is recovering nicely. That girl probably needs the rest. She goes like superwoman!!

Happy Thanksgiving right back at the both of you Jim!!
Happy thankgiving Jim and Mrs Jim
That sandwich sounds good can you make an extra one please with a little extra Kaft Whip.

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