Friday, November 24, 2006


We have the cutest cheerleaders too! For thirty-one Houston Chronicle pictures of all the Thanksgiving Day festivities including the Uptown Holiday Lighting event and the big parade, go here.

Number 22 (link to the pictures) is an excellent shot of the H-E-B float with some nice Houston buildings in the background. It gets my vote.

These are some of the 250 cheerleaders who are in this parade entry. Of course there were more than 250 others scattered around in the other school, college, and professional teams entries.

A typical entry is this high school marching band. No, that balloon tethered behind them isn't Harry Husker. Harry is the University of Nebraska retired mascot and he now lives a comfortable life in Nebraska. We have one of his clones in our living room.

Why did I say 'Boo Macy's?' Well they bought our Foley's department stores just like they are buying out the whole world, trying to upscale and best WalMart. Just ask Chicagoans about Marshall Fields--Macy's grabbed them up too.

The worst part of is that they aren't a corporate good citizen. Foley's was the parade sponsor for quite a spell, Macy's declined to keep up the tradition. They just didn't want to be nice to the community they are milking.

H-E-B (
link), our local grocery chain, stepped and has done a lovely job sponsoring this year (H-E-B Parade link). I am hoping the community customers will step in and patronize H-E-B with their grocery shopping.

H-E-B, big in Texas, has always been community minded. Florence Butt, of San Antonio, founded the original store there in 1905. Namesake Howard E. Butt took over the family business in 1919. Butt was a devout Baptist and for ages no alcohol, not even beer or wine was sold in any of his stores (his life story here). His motto for the store was "He profits most who serves best." (
H-E-B history)
This year we watched on TV. This is my favorite parade to attend, I love the old cars, Mustangs, Corvettes, and Thunderbirds, from some of the local collector cars clubs.
Thank You, H-E-B! We liked the parade!

So glad you enjoyed the parade Jim!! It does sound like a good one indeed. Sometimes you get better views from watching, but being at the parades is super fun too.
Most of Chicago is mad at Macy's for taking away the beloved Marshall Fields... I didn't shop there much; just an occasional sale. I like more moderate prices.
I am so happy to hear that you had a enjoyed your parade. Yesterday was the first time in 11 years that I got to see the parade. We don't have outside t.v. but I asked my husband if we could please hook it up so I could watch the parade. I had a super day yesterday, just like days of old.
Hi Jim and Mrs Jim
looks like that parade was in full swing
Hope Mema is going ok best wishes to her.

I found this video of Foley's on youtube:

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