Saturday, November 25, 2006

Jim Bunch Eats Again -- Cause and Effect?





[Note this happened two days in a row,

with left-overs on the second day!]

Looked good !

Have a great weekend!
That was funny!
Hi guys -- Be sure to notice there are five people sacked out here, one brother-in-law is at the far left behind the couch in a LaxyBoy recliner.
Looks yummy..... I love left overs and snoozing.

Glad it was a good Turkey couple of days.

Take care xx
I didn't see the one in the recliner until you mentioned it. He looks really snug back there!!! Looks like all the men are stuffed and can't move!!

Some yummy looking vittles there Jim!!!
LOL..The cause and effect seem perfect to me..

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