Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Jim Bunch Eats Again -- It's Jim's Birthday IV -- Site Meter Report for October, 2006

We ate last night at Ruggles Cafe & Bakery on Rice Blvd. (link) for my last, the fourth, birthday celebration.

Pictured are Mrs. Jim, daughter, Susie and husband, Anthony, son, Mitch and wife, Carmen, son, Tim, and son, Mike. Billy and grandkids Timothy and Jenna were at the house but couldn't stay to eat. It was Halloween, you know.

Before that we met at Mitch and Carmen's house for chatting and waiting for all to arrive. They live about seven blocks away.

No eating could be done either until a couch and three chairs were moved from the house up into the garage apartment. The door was too small for these so the fellows hoisted them up to the balcony and in that way. I forgot to get pictures.

This is the site meter findings graph for the month of October, 2006. Daily clicks were in the thirties, pages read at 60 a day for month's end. The meter was reading 10, 470. It won't quite make 12,000 by December, my one year marker.

Waal that was a long haul reading though all of these posts but as usual well worth the read, and thanks Jim for your comments on my Brisbane post. I'm glad you liked it as I enjoyed my time researching it and going around the city taking the photos to include with the text.
billy is not in this picture. are you covering for him with your daughter?

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