Saturday, November 25, 2006


Finally there is a hint of sense in all this patent nonsense. In my estimation big business wins most of the time because they have the big bucks to out lawyer and out court the small inventer. You might remember the poor intermittent windshield wiper control inventor (link).

The U.S. Patent office may be going to actually read these applications for patents. The rejection discussed below shows that the Business Method trying to be patented is as old as the Bible. Surely nothing new now in Joseph's old dream color robe.

"GO GO GO JOSEPH, Reject That Business Method

Professor Joshua Sarnoff of American University just directed me to a gem of a response by occasional Patently-O reader Dean Alderucci. The Examiner rejected Walker Digital’s the pending claim 2 with the most ancient of references:

'In Genesis, Chapter 41, we are told that Pharoah appointed Joseph to be his representative and instructed him to enter into contracts to purchase grain. These contracts included an offer with an activity (supply grain) and a benefit (get paid for the grain). Payment was made upon delivery of the grain.
The story of Joseph is about 4,500 years old. . . . the principal/agent relationship is of immemorial antiquity. It no doubt predates civilization itself. . . . Many of Applicant’s [other] claims could also be rejected using the same reference.' "

[From (link) patent attorney, Dennis Crouch's patent law blog, Patently-O, attribution follows: Dennis Crouch, Patently-O available at]

Such an interesting passion. Probably kept him from idle bad habits.
(Robert Kearns, that is.)
(Fighting for the patenting process, I mean.)

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