Saturday, November 18, 2006

A little antiquing going on

Last Saturday our Montgomery Early Ford V-8 Club had a road trip to Cold Spring, Texas. We all got there early so a little antique shopping was in order.


You would think the women would like this a lot, but friend John made the only purchase. This old trunk for the package rack on his 1936 Ford Roadster had a price tag of $85.00; John haggled them down to $70.00.

I went with brother-in-law, Royce, in Mom's 1974 Ford Mustang II. Mrs. Jim and my sister-in-law were helping with Mema so they didn't go. We ate [Texas] chicken fried steak and the trimings--the Jim Bunch eats again--then we headed back to the hospital.


This road grader saleman's model road grader wasn't in any of the stores. I saw it on the Antiques Road Show last night. It was appraised at between $6,000 and $8,000 as it was in very fine shape. The sample case sure was worn.

The grader caught my attention because Dad had the real thing on his farm. At first it was horse(s) drawn but latter he modified it so it could be pulled behind his tractor. It would clear the lane of a medium snow and grade the spring ruts out too.

Probably it paid for itself as Dad would help Grandpa on his road contracts. Grandpa had a couple of side businesses besides his farming. One was doing road work and keeping the ditches mowed.
Grandpa's other pursuit was breeding horses. He always had at least one stud horse that was in much demand. The day my sister was born Grandpa and I went on a stud horse mission.

I don't know at all how many farms we visited then but it was fun just going around with Grandpa. I like to think I was his favorite grandson.

- - - - - - -

Lois may e-mail me the sale information for Dad's road grader. I'm thinking it probably didn't bring one fifth the value of this model.

- - - - - - -


1. For some nice early road working pictures (Nebraska) go here.

2. A detailed description of Cold Spring, Texas (link); or really detailed here with maps, graphs, and travel and demographic info

My youngest boy cousin, Jack, reads this blog some. His wife, Linda, reads it more.
They might argue about me being Grandpa's fave grandson.
Two girl cousins, Jean and Ione, read this too, as does my sister, Lois. I'm not getting into which granddaughter was Grandpa's favorite.
Grandpa loved all his grandchildren a lot. I love mine a lot too!
Hi Jim..
Thanks for the visit,got a few things to catch up with, that is if I stay home long enough!!
After our trip to Melbourne,I felt
like that old trunk looked.
"Stay Well"
Looking at antiques is fun. I sure can't afford any of them, but looking is free!
Like the pictures and the story behind them..

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