Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mema is in the hospital tonight

Picture from her 89th birthday celebration last February (link).

Please pray for Mema, Mrs. Jim's Mom. She is in the Conroe (Texas) Regional hospital tonight. She called us saying she was having a terrible time breathing. We called 911 and the ambulance came for her right away.

She was in the hospital E.R. about 6:10. Her preliminary diagnosis is congestive heart failure. She will see her general practitioner and a cardiologist tomorrow. We won't know for a while how long she is to stay.

You can pray for Mrs. Jim too. We sure weren't planning for this.

I am very sorry to hear of your worrying news, I pray the outcome will be a good one. I will remember Mema and Mrs Jim in my prayers.
God bless Margaret
Ya Jim am sorry to hear this to.
will say a prayer, for you all!

and praying that all turns out for the better!

I will be in prayer for this situation. My prayer are with you and Mrs. Jim.
Hi Jim.
My thoughts and prayers are with Mema and Mrs Jim.Take care
Sending good wishes for a speedy recovery..

Our prayers are with Mema and Arlene.

Thinking of you. Mema looks a lovely lady. I hope tomorrow is a better day. A BIG hug to you all from England
Oh No!! I hope Mema is doing better now. CHF is not a good thing. Thoughts and prayers for all of you!!
Hi Jim ~ Sorry to hear of your Mother's illness and hope she does well. Also hope Mrs. Jim is OK, Prayers for all of you. Take care,
My mom and dad both have had congestive heart failure for years. We're watching our sodium intake pretty closely now, and they are using subtitute salt.

Hope Mema is feeling better soon.

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