Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Something for high school kids?

Any idea what this is? A modern high school kid wouldn't be caught dead with this.

My mom made this knapsack for me out of a feed sack so I could carry my books back and forth to high school when I was riding my horse. That was over fifty-five years ago.
Note: My Google search - "best dak 12 alfalfa" - did not match any documents.

What a nice keepsake Jim.

I have missed you and I will try to stay on top of my blogging. Naughty visitors.

Take care xx
It looks functional. But function has been replaced by design now.
It doesn't have to work, it just has to look good..
Hi Jim
That sack bag is in good condition considering the age of it.Today the kids wouldnt use it unless it was branded and cost the earth
I think it's neat Jim!! I guess that shows my age doesn't it?? Haha

No, kids nowadays would probably say "Eeeewwwweeeeee, no way!"

It's a cherished treasure since your Mom made it for you. Looks in great shape too!
At least no head on collissions with a horse.
well that was a long time ago, is a nice keepsake for you.
I have a keepsake box for all my kids putting knicknacks in it all the time.

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