Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Years! 2007 Tonight!

"Break up your unplowed ground, and do not sow among thorns" (Jer 4:3).

When we change calendars is a good time for reassessment. How did last year go? What do I want to do differently this year? This time of year we can make some new starts.

If we try to sow seeds in land overrun by thistle without breaking up the soil and taking care to root out the thorns as they come up things won't be much better than last year.

So we can get with the program and hone up for growing some better producing results from our living this new year.

Happy New Years!

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Shall we party tonight? (!!)

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The party at Dad's nursing home last Friday afternoon. Been there.

It began at 2:30 and we were ringing in the new year by 4:30. It was a good thing being over fairly early because several of the residents had already gone
to sleep.

The lady with the hat on the left lost her hat fairly early. It just fell off.

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Will Grandpa's team win?
Go Big Red!
Go Nebraska!

Dad enjoyed having a Coke, he used to be a Pepsi man. We had Champaign and bubbly sparkling drinks too but they weren't so very good. We didn't drink ours.

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Costume party anyone?
This is my favorite!

It was our party outfit for last year's Halloween party. People liked our lamp costumes.

This year I thought we would watch the ball drop on TV. But Mrs. Jim reminded me that our Sunday school class will have an annual party again. It ought to be fun. We will watch some football there too.

I like the lampshades but you guys need to get a little more sun.
btw, my Bible says "Break up your unplowed ground, and do not sow among thorns without using Roundup* first as a burndown." RFE
(Revised Farm Edition)
Happy New Years Jim. Our best to you and yours.
Happy New Year Jim and Mrs. Jim. (and Adi too!).
Wishing you a Happy New Year..
Thank you for your kind words and prayers on the passage of my MIL. Sadly I wasn't close to her, which makes it an interesting thing all around, but we won't go into that here. She was loved deeply by her family and she will be missed by them.

I liked the scripture you mentioned here (Jeremiah 4:3). Something to ponder on.

I am sorry about your dad, even though it has been a few years since he passed. We never forget our parents and we do grief them deeply when they pass (mom died 12/2006; dad died when I was really young, no memories of him). But it was good that he did recognize you and I am sure comforting knowing you will see him again one day and spend eternity with him.

Thanks again for your kind words


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