Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ho Ho Ho, Who Wouldn't Go?

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That's a pretty card.
Let's see what's inside.

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Well, me for one

I will go! **

[click pitures for full screen]


[Card created by American Moments, American Marketing & Mailing Services, Inc]

.** "With vehicle purchase and funding of vehicle contract by lien holder. While supplies last. See dealer for details."
** Guess I won't go after all. .. [:( . . [:(

Romulus and Remus [not =] Rome.
Close though!
That is still working on Thursday's quiz.
Let the Christmas trickery begin, ha,ha..
Hi Jim, enjoyed as always, reading your post. Thaks for dropping in to my site. Cheers Margaret
They want to sell you a new car Jim!!
I've had two new cars in my life:
1) when I was single at an early age, it was a 1956 Ford Convertible. I got drafted and my car payments were more than my Army pay, twice as much; and
2) when I was working at NASA, Houston, and going back to college. That was a 1968 Ford Country Squire with a 428 C.I.D. engine. My ex and the kids ended up with that one, I had a 1962 VW for me.
Since I was so close to your magic number, I think I qualify for the prize.
What is it? Lois
Reply: Prize
To: Lois

Since you were the ONE KNOWN PERSON to be the closest I did send you a prize. Unfortunately it went to your Yahoo and must have been sitting in your BULK MAIL.

You probably threw it away.

You won't be getting another prize as I just found out that Susie was at the Radisson and it was her as # 12,000. Only now it is a Hilton.

Since she didn't tell me it was her and you threw yours away the prizes have ended.

Hi Jim ~ Thanks for your comments about you MUST fish to sit in a boat all day. The young ones have it so easy. Nice invitation, but I think they have a sale in mind. Don't go !!
Take car, Merle.

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