Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Jim Bunch Eats (and eats) in Iowa

Generally the breakfast at Lois' was a fresh baked pastry, a poached egg (Karen and I like 'yolks hard'), and a drink.

Seated are Jim, Karen, and Jim W.(brother-in-law). On the table were blueberry muffins, eggs were just finishing up with their cooking.
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At the Ox Yoke we ate off the 'lunch menu' I had a plate of ribs, as did Lois and Karen.
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The Ox Yoke Inn Restaurant has been here since 1840. Nice going, they serve wonderful food.
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What you don't see besides the ribs is all you can eat family style: cottage cheese; sauerkraut; mashed potatoes; gravy; and green beans. Afterwards some opted for coconut cream pie chosen from about a dozen different desserts.

When we were finished Lois suggested to Karen that she should see the women's rest room as it was different from most. So they both went while the men watched their purses.

[Jim W. didn't want to go with me, I didn't even ask him. You ought to try that sometime, ask a man to go the rest room with you. You will get some very strange looks. It just isn't a man thing to do.]

Upon leaving the men's room I asked Karen to come. She came to the hall, then I asked her to check to see if the ladies' room was empty so I could look at the pretties in there.

She said 'no way' and was leaving. Another lady overheard and said she would do it for me. Nobody was in there so I peeked in. It was elegant, lots of blue marble tile around the stalls and all.

I forgot to take a picture so you all can't see. The men's room was drab, Karen wouldn't even look in the door as a boy was leaving.

Had I taken the picture it would have been a candidate for my upcoming blog, toilets of the world.

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Great pictures Jim!! Your Dad looks pretty good for his age too! So glad you are visiting him. Love the dog they have at the nursing center! So nice that you and Karen are getting to visit your sister and your Dad together!
Looks like you all ate pretty well - again.
Yeah, I don't think I have asked a guy to go the restroom with me. Don't plan on starting either.
Hi Jim

I enjoyed catching up on all your posts. I bet your Dad was really chuffed to see you. You are a good son. What a wonderful time you are having.

Take care xx
It was good to see a pic of C. Vernon again. I wish he had his old wry smile. I know it must be miserable with his problems. I miss him. Your Dad is the 'salt' of the earth in my eyes.
Lois and Jim look well. Glad you took Karen along so they had something pretty to look at while you were eating.
Don't ask me to go the bathroom either. I'm with Ralph.

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