Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Just a few of the bargains I could have had within the last eight hours: Adi Can??

There were 104 e-mails in my SPAM box this morning at 8:30. I had cleared it out at midnight last night. There will be about 200 more yet today for me to clear out.



I asked Adi if she wanted any of these. You can make your own caption of what she wanted to tell me. would like to tell me.

Sender Subject Date [all were Mon Dec 04, 2006] Size

Savings Center; Slice Your Phone Bill In Half 5k

Date Maker,Get 2k

Palmer, Norma
Your Mortage Approval (Case ID: QS58 - 50784790972) 2k

National Soda Survey
Which Soda do you prefer? Tell us! 9k

Meet Me
browse local singles for free 3k

Spin And Win
Take a Spin and Win jim 3k

Wanna check it out 30k

Sport Tickets
jim: playoff tickets Invitation Confirmation #BRDT-342 3k

Funds for School
jim: Time is running out to apply for a $10,000 cholarship 2k

Igor Sharifulin
Open vacancies 3k

Panda Research jim, Your opinion is worth money pending participation 2k

Bad-Credit Loan
Enjoy a new car no matter what your credit status is 2k

MatchMaker, Looking for your True Love 2k

Ho O. Flossie
This was my first exposure to Japanese hotel rooms, which are very,very, very sma... 15k

Ebay Tools
Ebay tips for dummies 2k (the real link to eBay Tips)

College Cash
jim: Time is running out to apply for a $10,000 scholarship 2k

Christian Advisor
Christian Homeowners, Rates are Rising - Refinance Today 4k

American Rights at Work
Take 5: Victory at Hugo Boss, Naughty & Nice employers, Gift Ideas 31k

Most of these sound wonderful. What would you have to trade me for some of these? Irresistible!

I haven't opened any of these, I'm just saving them for any takers!

No thank you Jim!! I'll pass!!

I really liked your comment on Cheyenne's blog about the t-shirts!! Teehee.. the mischief in you is coming out!!
What kind of hat do you want to ask me for??? Do tell!!
ummm you can keep them Jim.... I have a enough to share though if you need anymore. LOL

Take care xx
No thank You Jim Adi Can have them i get enough of my own.You didnt mention these
Airline/Viagra/Israel bank/and many many more.
I am always a little surprised at those who use faith for marketing.

Ah well.

I replied to your comment on my blog. Bottom line: you may use anything I post for any purpose you desire. I am glad to be of service.

Your friend and brother...

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