Friday, December 01, 2006

Might something sinsiter be going on here?

The spy poisoned by the KGB - but who lived to tell the tale - Britain - Times Online:
"A Russian spy lies in a hospital bed, fighting for his life as his body steadily disintegrates from the effects of a radioactive poison; the spy, an outspoken critic of the Russian regime, has recently defected to the West; someone in Moscow has decided that he must die, and the assassins have done their work with ferocious efficiency.
The name of the spy is Nikolai Khokhlov, and the year is 1957. "

And now this:

Russian letters tell of poison squad - World - Times Online:

"World News
Times OnlineDecember 01, 2006

Litvinenko informant has radiation poisoning
Elsa McLaren, Sam Knight and Philippe Naughton

Mario Scaramella is reported to be contaminated with polonium-210 (Salvatore Laporta/AP)

An Italian intelligence expert who had lunch with Alexander Litvinenko on the day that he was poisoned was receiving emergency treatment in hospital tonight after testing positive for the same deadly radioactive isotope that killed the former Russian spy."

I guess that's just life death in the fast spy lane.


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