Monday, December 18, 2006

Time Magazine 'Man of the Year?' Who me? Who you?

jim's little Christmas tree farm (link)
is the place to go to see my Christmas tree collection.
The hospital trees are finished.
Leave a comment on the tree(s) you like, if you like.
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Want to be Time Magazine 'Man of the Year?'

Guess what, you are. I am too. Read about TIME's Person of the Year
here (link):

It will be the "[quoted from Time Web site linked above] creators and consumers of user-generated content are transforming art and politics and commerce, that they are the engaged citizens of a new digital democracy."

I must be art because I sure got away from politics. Commerce, well, not too much.

Definitely I do the creator thing and quite a bit of consumer too.

My blogs:

My YouTube videos:

Gosh Jim, you have a lot to keep up with!! I barely can keep up with my one little blog!!

Are you all ready for the fat man with the white beard??
Jim - I won this award TOO! What gives? ~ Just wanted to wish you and your family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! ~ jb///
That's a lot of blogs..
Congratulations on our win..
Is this Blog Overkill? On your way to Blog Burnout, are you? Trying to stave off altzheimer's, maybe?

Atany rate,you offer us a lot of entertainment.

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