Friday, December 15, 2006

The view from our garage door

Go to jim's little Christmas tree farm (link) to see my Christmas tree collection.
Leave a comment on the tree(s) you like, if you like.

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This is down the street to the left. Note the leaves have turned red and yellow now. Those will soon drop off, the oak, pine, and trees will stay green this winter.
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This is our front yard to the right going/looking out. We live on a three way corner, a little to the left is the street up our 'hill'. The first picture is the dead-end street to the left going down the hill.

To notice here is our holly tree. Those berries have turned real pretty red now.

Behind the holly tree, nearer to the street are our three ornamental pear trees. Their leaves are red also and will almost cover our yard when all those leaves fall.

The fog came in from the Gulf and our Lake Conroe between taking the first picture and this one. You can see how heavy it is, just across the street. We couldn't see the first house up or across the golf course.

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Doesn't Adi look sad here? Her house is all messed up royally. The painters and the carpenters have been here two weeks now, they should be finished by the end of next week.

We are changing colors of every room downstairs except the baths and my office. The den upstairs is getting paint too.
The carpenters are puting frames around the windows and doors that didn't have it in the den, adding to the crown molding there, and changing out the chair rails in the dining room and breakfast room.

[The view idea came from Cliff Morrow's Blog (link). periodically he shares his nice photos taken from a neat vantage point--example: the view from the back porch (link).]

Go to jim's little Christmas tree blog for December 21, (three entries) for more about that red leaved pear tree. Click here for link to first entry.

Hi Jim ..
I have been having trouble getting in to comment,not only on your blog but others too.
Let's hope the workmen are finished soon,and "ADI" has her house back to normal.
We have smoke from the fires that
has the same effect as heavy fog.
You and your family have a very
Regards Gwen
First of all I loved all the Christmas tree pictures!! That one with the cowboy hat on top was really different!! Love all the creativity that goes into those.

Once the work is done you and Mrs. Jim and Adi will settle in nicely into the freshly painted and redone areas. It'll be all worth it then.

Have a great weekend!
I forgot to say; I love that you still have leaves on your trees!! The holly tree is simply gorgeous! Love them! Our Bradford pear trees lost their leaves a good while back and they are the last to fall off.
Hi Jim & Mrs Jim
Like gwen and a lot of others I have been visiting but been unable to comment hope it all fixed now.
Hope your house all fixed up for Christmas and Adi settles in to her favorite chair again.
Take care, Merry Christmas. Jen

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