Friday, December 29, 2006

A Visit with Sugar Daddy

Well, at least that's what his hat says. He is single (widowered) too.

In case you (
link to a looking person) are looking, there could be one drawback. You see he is ninety-six years old and not in perfect health. So he lives in the Hiawatha Care Center now.
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And this is Cooper, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He is the mascot for the Hiawatha Care Center where my dad is now.

Cooper belongs to Chris Kramer, RN, Assistant Director of Nursing at the Center. Both Cooper and Chris are very likeable.

You might even say Cooper has a loving dispositon. Posted by Picasa
How about Karen?

Yes, Karen has a loving disposition too! In fact if Cooper turns up missing Chris should look for him some place around Houston, try Katy, Texas. Posted by Picasa
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Grandpa is the reason we are here in Iowa. Karen and I came up to visit Dad (the Sugar Daddy hat guy) for about three days. We are staying here with Lois in Center Point.

Every evening we all go over to the truck stop and sit at McDonald's with our lap tops. Karen does work and e-mail, Lois does e-mail, researches for a digital camera, and plays games, and I do e-mail and blog writing and reading.

Did I mention that McDonalds and the whole truck stop have free wireless Internet? Posted by Picasa

Hi Jim, I am sure the hat is correct your dad is as sweet as!!!!! What a feel good post, lovely grand daughter as well.. Cheers Margaret

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