Thursday, December 28, 2006

What is lady laughing about? or, The Jim Bunch Eats Again

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That's my sister, Lois. She is about to attempt to eat this whole sandwich.

Don't they feed pretty good here in these Iowa prisons?

Shown with Lois is a pork tenderloin sandwich from Joensy's in Center Point, Iowa!

I could only eat half of mine but it was sooooo good I really wanted to eat the whole thing too.

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This is Karen after eating half a pork tenderloin sandwich.
Please note the ornaments on this tree,
they are pig shaped.

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Joensy's Restaurant is located in Center Pont, Iowa. Their pork tenderloin sandwiches are the best I've had.

Lois (sister) says you can order them on a plate with mashed potatoes and white gravey too.

Maybe next time I'll have them that way for less calories because I will skip the bread.

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Hi Jim..I cant believe the amount of food you guy's put away.
Joensy's is a place I could sure get addicted too,love shots of the food but please cover the plate for
me while I view,then I would always be wondering what it looked
like under the cloth "DAMN".
Stay Well Jim
That is quite the sandwich. Are all the portions of everything that large?
Major WOW Jim!! That is one big sandwich!! Looks great!! I see you are enjoying your visit!! And Karen too!

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