Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Adi Can . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Be the only one out on the golf course today

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Why do you think this is? [Click on picture for full screen view]
Very simple:

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For up-to-date Montgomery, Texas, weather click here.


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That lantern came to me new in the 60's. The fuel also. I fired the lantern up tonight, I had to lubricate (oil) the plunger pump leather to make it work. Drinking water came from our filtered faucet to fill those jugs.


The bath tub will be filled and a bucket brought in for flushing and washing. When we lost power because of Rita damage we never did lose water pressure. Our water district is small and has emergency generators.


Of course we have the flashlights and candles. And a battery radio. For the huricanes I have a battery TV but I'm not real sure which box it is stored in. It probably will stay. Oh yes, the cars are gassed up.

Blogger cratered today as I was updating links on my template. Consequently I lost the entire template and blogging capability on this blog.

Now the template is new, but similar to the old one.

I know several of you are missing from my blog roll.

If you are missing please tell me.

I will make more refinements on it tomorrow, it's bedtime now.
Dear Jim...Oh Adi is such a precious little dog!!
You two are almost the same age, eh Jim..How come you aren't out there playing with that doggie and letting Karen take the pictures?

I don't know if I am missing from your blog roll but if you want to put me on, I would be honoured!!....from Terry
The weather is weird weird at the moment. We have lost lots of plants because of the severe frost. Some of our trees look damaged, I just hope they make it.

I hope the weather stays at bay for you.

Take care xx
Thanks, Terry. Adi is a very sweet dog.
The blog roll, I had added you and was doing the update publish and it never published correctly.
After that everything in the template was lost. I may have done it by accident myself too?

You will get added but I'm not sure when. I was in the process of writing this comment this morning and didn't finish.
We had a phone call telling us that Mema had died. I pushed down the power button and we left for the nursing home.
Dad, looks like we have been spared the ice in "central" Houston. I hope you guys north of us weathered it allright.
It's cold here tonight too. Going down to low 20's I think. High today was 32. Kind of nippy! You are prepared!
Jim we did the same drill as you. Lanterns, oil, water and filling up the tub and cars.

Better safe than sorry. Glad it is behind us!

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