Friday, January 26, 2007

Classic Ford For Sale

A real beauty!

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Original, one owner, low mileage, always (nearly) garage kept, the price is really low on this one!
This early model Ford Taurus needs nothing, a perfect school or work car for now, then save it for later when it becomes a classic.
Previously owned by a little old lady (a LOL), it's not an antique quite yet, it might never be.
Won't you give this fine Iowa Automobile a nice home?

Nope, sorry. As stated yesterday I have my Buick! I'll just keep it and since I'm the only driver we only need one car!
I use to work right downtown and would see a lot of cars that looked just like this. Seems like a lot of people (namely lawyers, accountants, people who were in the office all day) would buy them and use them for work cars. The thought was if someone hit them in the parking lot or while on the street it wasn't a big deal. No one ever paid very much for them and if they broke down people would just donate them to a charity.
I see that there is a lot of customizing already done on it as well. Sweet!
Even though it's a Ford, I will pass. Besides, they're in enough trouble right now.
Not interested too much rust in it. but then I dont need it as I said i have a new Ford Territory
it looks , like i feel, Old and Rusty :)

have great weekend, Jim, Mrs. JIm

and thanks for the visit!
Jim thanks for stopping by my blog today!! I love having new visitors...NOW NEW is not quite the word I would use for this wonderful car that you have for sale here!! I think it has seen its better days ...NOW don't ya think!! ??? Sandy
Dear Jim...I have to warn you about that Flip Flop. She is a lovely lady and all but you better not let her drive your car. Tell her to send you the picture of what she did to her HUSBAND'S car, not to mention the job she did on his garage!...It is NOT a pretty sight!....from Terry

Anyways I better mosey off and see that Curious Servant. Haven't talked to him for a few days..

Have a wonderful day Jim, Mrs. Jim, Karen and Adi!!
Hugs all around!!

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