Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A couple of my pin-up girls

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Mrs. Jim, the Birthday Girl, and Karen
Hard to believe Mrs. Jim was once a Baby New Year!
Isn't her smirk cute!
She could rival some of the best for smirking.

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This isn't a halo

If anyone deserves a halo Mrs. Jim sure does.


She's wearing a sombrero our waitress gave her to wear while the rest of the wait staff sang happy birthday to her.

We ate at Pappasito's Mexican Restaurant, Karen and Billy took us out for dinner there last night.

And too, Billy was sure I would write that the Jim Bunch was eating again. I sure fooled him.


Now, do you think she knows something we don't?

Mrs. Jim,

Happy Birthday, I will not post your age that your brother was kind enough to share with everybody at Xmas.

Make the old man pony up for TV Cable for your birthday.
hope you had a great Happy Birthday! Mrs, Jim!

the hat look right nice on you!

my you and Mr.Jim have a great year to come!
Hope Jim got you a nice gift!! You look real good in the sombrero!! Happy birthday and Happy New Year!
Happy Birthday Mrs. Jim! You look lovely in that sombrero.
Jim: thanks for the comment you made on my blog about the painting. It got me thinking. I have an idea about how to address it. If you get a chance, drop by again and tell me what you think...

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