Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dad Pictures

These are the pictures we took of my Dad when we were in Iowa. We flew to Cedar Rapids last Wednesday, the 27th. We had a very nice stay with my sister, Lois.
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The reason we came was to visit with my Dad. Karen hadn't seen her Grandpa for two years and just wanted to go. We went. Delta flies from Houston to Cedar Rapids with one stop.

Dad will be 97 this January. He is aging well. I know he would rather be out walking but he his getting very good care where he is.

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You've seen this Sugar Daddy picture before.

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Dad's cheering didn't get those Huskers to win.

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"A penney for his thoughts"

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Karen and her Grandpa, my Dad
All good visits have to come to an end.

Finally have internet here at our new home.
Happy belated Birthday to Mrs. Jim, and Happy New Year.
Glad you got to visit Dad, and you had nice mild weather here for your visit.
Your Dad looks well for his age Jim! So glad you and Karen went to visit him. I'm sure he was thrilled to see you both.
I sure miss you Dad, Jim. He's the best.
Great seeing pictures of Uncle V.
He looks good. Brings back lots of good memories.
Hi Jim, well we know exactly what you're gonna look like at 97, you and Dad are very alike.

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