Monday, January 29, 2007

June Bug . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No, It's January Bug

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A slug-bug at that!
This one's a 1955 Volkswagen
1:18 die cast toy car.
Yesterday Seeker (link) wanted to see some January Texas pictures to see what it looks like down here. Dallas gets nasty but things are pretty nice here most of the winter(s).
Go to JIM'S LITTLE PHOTO HOLDER, today, January 29, 2007, at
to check out our South Texas winters, at least here in Montgomery.
You can go here to see the rest of my not-June Bug posts.


Oh boy Jim...THis car brings back a lot of memories for me.
When we were just little kids, my brothers and my sister, Betty and I used to say whenever we saw a Volks-wagon as we were slugging each other. One! Two! Three! Volks-wagon!
It sure caused a lot of trouble in the car with all that punching going on! A Volks-wagon van was worth TEN punches... My poor dad!!
One tme we almost killed each other. I mean real bedlam broke out in that car when we passed a Volks-wagon plant and there were hundreds of the little bugs!!
It was NOT a pretty sight!!..hee hee!! ...from Terry
Hi Jim and Mrs Jim
im still trying to catch up here Oh a red love bug or is it a Herbie
My aunt had a Bug and six kids. That was before seat belts and car seats for kids. She used to put a couple in the 'way back...
When I'd visit, we older kids would each have a smaller one on our laps.
hee hee
Aww Jim I have signed up to google and I went to leave you a message about how cute Adi was and I needed to go to sign into google so I lost my message. So I have been around. Sorry about the comment.

We are feeling a lot better but I have been left with a nagging cold and I am hoping it goes soon. Matthew is still not a 100%. Its been cold for us here. We are not used to it now. I guess you get used to the warm quick. I don't think I would like to live in the cold again.

How are you? I hope you and Mrs Jim are doing o.k.

Take care xx
Cute car!!!

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