Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Drives to Rehab in the Snow Video -- per Dave Letterman

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Lohan picture courtessy her Web site, for more pictures there, click here

Click below to watch the video

[there's a commercial at the beginning]:

CBS Late Show with David Letterman : Video [click here]

Why does he have to pick on people so much? I don't like him very much.

Take care xx
I don't keep up with these people. I never heard of her until now.
Lindsay is a Houston girl made good in the entertainment world. Now she has run into addiction troubles being on her own.
Yeah but I couldn't deem Letterman reliable. I think he spouts off a whole lot of nonsense. IMHO!!

Anyway its got to be tough in the business. I don't envy her in the slightest.

Take care
What a hoot. I love me some Dave!
Hello Jim..How ya' doing?
I haven't been able to write as I just had a 19 hour shift to work and I have to get up early to work again tomorrow, but I will be popping in to say hi hopefully tomorrow evening.
Take care of yourself and Mrs. Jim and Adi, everybody's hero!...From Terry

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