Saturday, January 27, 2007

Question: What does a tree hugger do on Arbor Day?

Photo Courtessy of Karen and Billy
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"Answer: She gets in her hybrid car (Prius) and drives to Will Clayton Blvd to help plant trees!!!
Doesn't that sound like fun. Rain or shine, that is what I am doing tomorrow morning from 8-12. I am w/ a BP [British Petroleum] Team. Billy is supposed to be playing golf, but might end up w/ me if golf gets rained out!"


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For three more "Karen Plants" pictures, go here.

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Trivia Question: When is Arbor Day in Texas (Houston, at least)?

Answer: January XX. ***
**Got this in an e-mail:

Date: Fri 26 Jan 08:28:47 CST 2007
From: Karen
Subject: Question: What does a tree hugger do on Arbor Day?
To: Jim and (Mrs. Jim)

***From Plant Answers (link) on the History of TEXAS Arbor Day:

"In 1949, the state legislature adopted a resolution designating the third Friday in January as Texas Arbor Day. That date changed, when, in 1989, the legislature designated the last Friday in April as Texas Arbor Day in order to align the Texas observance with the traditionally observed national Arbor Day." [The article says the first Arbor Day was officially on George Washington's birthday but that law expired in 1949.]"


Just a whole lot of Texas still observes Arbor Day in January. January is a much better month than April to plant trees down here.

Arbor Day! Plant a tree!! I love trees.
(Texas)Arbor Day was a lot of fun!!! The mud was worth it, even if I did get stuck up to my knees!
Great pictures of Karen! Oh, I mean SuperWoman!!! I love the one of her hugging the cactus! This is a good thing she does. You go girl!!
Ardor day, must say have never heard of it.

Nice Cacti dont get too close. Have a great week.

I am burning as much gasoline (hydrocarbons) as I can to get these new trees the CO2 they need to thrive. We do not have a hybrid because we want to feed more trees with our normal car.


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