Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Watch The Wiggles Do The Twist!

Just click here.
ABC GMA will do the rest!


After that go to the playlist
to see them to
Here Comes a Bear
ABC GMA of course.
Or go below to see Winter X Game pictures by Yahoo.

ummm thanks Jim... I need to see the wiggles like I need a hole in my head. Thank goodness Matt showed no interest in those dancing idiots.

Take care xx
Looks like a good fitness program!! Maybe I need to try it!
Hi Jim ~~ I tried to comment yesterday, but had all sorts of trouble. Thanks for your visit and by
all means send on any jokes or post them - share the laughs around.
I didn't mean to be hard on lawyers,
it just happened the jokes were close
to each other. Sometimes it's blondes who cop it, or doctors etc etc. Take care, Regards, Merle.
I really believe all those blonde jokes are true!

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