Saturday, January 06, 2007

Where Is Jim?

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Guess Number 1
There's a hint here someplace.


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Guess Number 2
This isn't an abandoned house and it's residents aren't homeless.
[Other homeless post link]

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Guess Number 3

I give up, you tell me here too.

Well, I give up too Jim.
Gday mate,
well my guess is your on holidays "somewhere" where abouts you will have to tell us.

Btw Yarrawonga (where mum lives) is about 3 hours North of Melbourne (were I live), its a nice comfortable drive to visit and the kids look forward to going also.

Take care
hmm I did not see a chicken coop so I know you did not go re-visit your childhood Please tell where are you and whose home is that huh?
I know the answer to #1 and #3, but have no clue on #2!
Yes, you took #1. I'll tell the answers soon.
First I have to remind people again. Maybe I won't.

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