Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Adi Can . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Find the last rose of the winter

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She will have to keep on looking. Most shrubbery, including roses, around here is supposed to be trimmed on Valentine's Day, or as close to February as possible.

That date is close to the last frost of the winter. When blossoms come on the newly trimmed bushes, it surely will be well past frost time.

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Look behind her, she has found the last rose of winter!

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This is what she was doing yesterday. Today we took a nice long morning walk. That tired her out so that today she again slept the afternoon away getting rested up. [I have a picture but this one from yesterday is nicer]
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No ice here in or around this sidewalk cafe except for in the glasses and beer pitchers. Sister in Iowa said they might have freezing ice tonight. She won't move South though, she thinks our traffic is bad.
That is Mrs. Jim sitting by the closest tree on your left. I went back to get the camera from the car. You might have to click on the picture to see things better.
Picture taken at 6:00 PM, temperature was in the high seventies. I got cooler later this evening.
What did we eat you ask (remember the Jim Bunch eats a lot)? We each had a shrimp poboy with fries plus ice water with a lemon and a straw. Mrs. Jim had coffee too. Not quite heart healthy.

Change the subject. I'm going to switch to New Blogger pretty soon. It is getting harder and harder to post with the old one.
Any helpful comments or warnings. I know I should save my templates, anything else to do first?

Is that the last rose of winter or the first rose of spring? What type of therapy dog is ADI? My youngest had 15 hospital stays and so enjoyed when a dog would visit him. I saw your note on my blog today .. thanks for the birthday wishes.
Mrs. Mac
Hi Mrs. Mac. That is the last one here for now. It is a bud, but it didn't look very springish. The bushes got leggy and dried out, they need to be pruned.
We did see a few other stragglers but they weren't worthy of a picture.
Adi and I had been visiting assisted living facilities but have stopped since last fall.
Before that we tutored sixth grade reading students.
Hi Jim ..
Great shots of Adi,thanks for your visit.
I'm ok thanks Jim and the blogger's
doing fine.
I just about found the rose lol but I couldn't find Mrs Jim. I will have to go back for a better look.

I still love Adi...

I am all alone now. No visitors now for three months and then its my Gran.

Bye Nick and take care xx
just hold your nose and jump in :)
All I would copy is your 'link' area of your template. I put it on my clipboard.
One may not have to but I entered each of my old links one at a time. I had them in order by when I started reading them. But you need to load them starting at the bottom or you'll end up adding one and then moving it down the list to the bottom one click at a time. I got tired and my list is all screwed up now. Everything else was easy to figure out. It's much easier to work with.
Adi got all wore out on the walk! She looks so peaceful sleeping on her bed.

When I switched over it didn't cause any problems for me.
I had no problem with the switch. Still lovin' that Adi, she's so adorable.

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