Thursday, February 08, 2007

Adi Can . . . . . . . . . Get her exercise YouTube

Adi Can . . . . . . . . . Really get with it, can't she?

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When we made this video we did two others, I would like to put all three of them together for you later.
She has so much fun playing. So do I, next to going for a walk this is our favorite play.
Other things now:

I will be slowing down in my blogging. I have so many other things I haven't done and since it is getting spring already I've got to be finishing up winter things.

My other hobbies are wanting to come out of the closet, namely:

Those are hobby things besides computers, blogging, and YouTube.

I have work to do too. We have the house fairly well painted and updated inside, now the outside and the yard are beckoning. Mrs. Jim can find some things as well.

There will be income tax again too, Mrs. Jim's and mine, then Dad's federal, Nebraska, and Iowa. Most of our required papers are here for me to organize.
I hope to write here a couple of times a week and Sundays. You won't have to check so often then until next winter!

Loved the video!! I thought you two might pull the poor bear in two!! I love to watch the animals at play!!

I know what you mean about blogging. It takes so much time to comment on all the other blogs I like to read too. Right now while I'm doing this my husband is calling for me. It's hard to do anything when he's awake because he's constantly calling for me. And with other chores and hobbies, etc., it is hard. I completely understand! That is why I don't try to blog that often. It's just too much.

Okay, get at those chores Jim!!! Blog when you can!!
How sad. But--okay.
Thanks Rachel, we had fun. Adi gets me to play like that most every day. If I won't she plays by herself for practice.

Yes, the reading takes as much time as the writing and posting. I don't get everyone on the blogroll read every day.
My system is to go down halfway one day and up halfway the next. A few who post every day I try to read every day.
Hi Jim
Great Video Adi at play,
Blogging does take a lot of our time up. I try to keep evenings for the blog there for i get my jobs finished in daylight hrs. Hope you get all your little jobs and hobbies up to date fast. take care
Loved the adi video, look forward to reading ,whenever you post and look forward to more Adi adventures.
Cheers Margaret
Dear Jim..I will just have to send some of my blog cats and see if Adi can face THEM!
That Turtle just might. beat the stuffing out of her!...Ha!!! from Terry!
Hi Jim thanks for visit. Hope you and Mrs Jim had a nice Valentine's day. Cheers Margaret

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