Saturday, February 17, 2007

Adi Can . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Have her own icicle

Ain't she cute! We got down to 22°F last night here, so we dripped the outside faucets.

Look closely for the icicles. The big one, about 18 inches long, fell from the faucet and broke. I have a piece of it sitting on the sprinkler pipe. The other icicles (not Adi's) are on that weed to Adi's left, your right.

It was just yesterday on Groundhog day when Adi saw her shadow (picture link). I had it mixed up there, the groundhog saw his shadow and was scared. He ran back into his hole for six more weeks of winter.

You might have to click on the picture above to make it large enough to see the icicles. Another picture where she didn't look so happy is here.

Lastly, if you're from Florida or southern California and don't know what icicles are,
go here to Widipedia. We didn't have any hanging from the roof because we didn't run the hose up there.
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Adi looks so cute in her hat. Very fashionable!!!
Hey Where you been Jim?
Amber is getting tired of COLD Canada, eh?
She want to come home!!!...Love Terry
I just love the hat. She is such a fashion girl...

Got to love her.

Take care xx
We're hoping to get UP to 22 degrees. C'mon springtime!
Adi should...have her own blog.
Like the hat..
Yes she is a cutie pie. I just wanna hug her.

Hey, it's 28 deg. right now at 1:23 AM and we even got up to 32 deg. this afternoon.
I just came by for a visit and say god bless you.
Hi Jim ~~ I take it, it is very cold
where you are. Icicles and all, Here
it is in the high 90s or maybe even 100 F. So Adi would be like us sweltering away !!
Thanks for your comments and yes I was very grateful to my son and D-I-L for
their help. I guess you understand
all about that. Things are so much easier for the young ones. Take care,
Cheers, Merle.
22f, we had 100f still got the aircon on in the evening.

Thx for stopping by your a sweety, sorry didnt get a chance to stop by on valentines day.
So belated happy valentines day to you.
Gidday Jim,
Boy you folks in Americaland have had some cold weather, not to mention the odd bit of snow!!!!
A friend of mine who lives in Colorado had 3 feet of snow just before Christmas and another foot of snow a week later. Now that's a lot of snow.
The picture of the platypus on my blog I cheated as I have never seen a platypus in the wild. I "stole" this from the net.
Hi Jim
Love Adi in her hat I enlarged pic to see the icicles bbbrrr.were sweltering 104 here yesterday, today its 93 and rising.

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