Friday, February 16, 2007

"Hey look Ma, less stripes!" "And I'm out of the Air Force!"

That's what former Air Force drill sergeant, Michelle Manhart, might have been saying after being relieved from active duty.

Why would this happen before her tour of duty was over? It may have some thing to do with her posing for the February Playboy magazine.

You can read about it here in our Houston Chronicle. It sounds like she has been assigned back into the Iowa National Guard as a senior airman.

Even Wikipedia has already picked up on this. For their nice summary, go here.

Those Iowa brass are about as tough on the bad boys girls as are the ones in San Antonio. They will probably kick her out of the guard.

She made her mistake, the first one by getting in the magazine. Secondly, I suppose it really inflamed the brass by posing in part of her uniform for some of the pictures.

Just in case the article won't come up, you can probably find these AP Photos by Eric Gay: Picture # 1 link and Picture # 2 link.

Just one other thing, I won't be buying the magazine** so this blog will say about all I can say about the matter.

Well, and she is a 30-year-old mother of two.

** The only other Playboy I ever bought was way back in another life. I bought it to read a story that I can't even remember what was anymore.


Hi Jim,
The link above is were I got the Christian Poetry at. God Bless and do come again.

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