Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mema's Birthday

February 19 was to be her 90th birthday. Every year she would go to the Picadilly Cafeteria in Alexandria to celebrate.

We were in Alexandria, Louisiana. Our jobs were to get her house ready to sell .

For those who didn't know, Mema, Mrs. Jim's mother, died January 16, 2007 (

Since her birthday was generally a work day and all her children lived hours away, her good friend, Jane B, would take her there.

We had been working hard all day taking things to the Goodwill, out to the curb, and to nieces and nephews, calling the A/C fellow and the exterminator, visiting with her old neighbors, and other things of that nature.

About 2:30 in the afternoon we were getting hungry. We decided we would just go to the Picadilly in her honor.

We did the Jim Bunch eating thing again. Mrs. Jim and I, as did Royce and Velma, shared a Mardi Gras special. That was three nice pieces of fried catfish, two vegatables [we had fried okra and baked rice and brocolli], a bowl of seafood gumbo, garlic bread, dessert [Mrs. Jim and I shared a tasty lemon with coconut baked merengue topping], and a Diet Coke. Mrs. Jim and Velma each got their own bowl of gumbo. It was all very good.

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One other mention. Every year since 1999 on Mema's birthday we remember my mother. Mom died on Mema's birthday in 1999.

Some day I will post the very nice eulogy Cliff Morrow composed and read for Mom.

Mom taught the kindergartners in Sunday School for fifty years, Cliff was one of her class members there at the First Baptist Church of Tekamah, Nebraska. Cliff had originally composed and read his memories of Mom at her fifty years service celebration.
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Oh yes, we had coffee after dinner with our pie.
Hi Jim and Mrs Jim so nice to be able to go to Mema's favorite restraunt on her 90th birhday and sounds like you all enjoyed a lovely meal. Take care.
Wow what a lovely tribute to Mema,she would have been so proud. How neat that you and Cliff are so connected by history.

Thanks for the comments on my blog Jim.

Take care xx
...there y'all go eating again :)
Sounds like some great food!
I always enjoy coffee with my dessert too!
Nice way to remember her Jim. I could have gone for some of that catfish.
BTW, I took your Dad on the Mighty Mo catfishing one time. We had fun. Thanks for the mention, I'll be interested to read that again. I lost it in a computer crash.
How nice that you folks went to the place she always ate on her birthday in honor of her.
Hey Nick just popping in to say hi.

Take care xx

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