Thursday, February 15, 2007

Now for a nice long afternoon nap! Don't you just envy that Adi?

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Hi Jim,
BJ here, Thanks for visiting my site.

My husband Joe, from Joe's Jotting) has a site here at, he had to switch to the new version and it wasn't his choosing.

My websites has lots of videos, so it takes up free space. I didn't understand what you asked here, You wrote(Do you make your own YouTube? It was hard to find.)

I made a video from my digital camera and tryed to upload it to YouTube and it seem that no site that I have been to would support a (.DMSA)file.

Verses, I got at this website.

Verses Here,

Poetry, I have to get back with you on that.

God Bless You
Oh my gosh I am so very jealouse of Adi. Its not fair I tell you!!

We were up until 2am yesterday waiting for my Auntie to arrive. So we are a little bit frazzeled today but not as frazzeled as she is. lol

I love Adi so much.

Take care xx
Hi Jim, I thought I'd relate that Nebraska just re-wrote their decades old open meetings law last year. They narrowed the scope of reasons to have an executive (closed) session so far that it is nearly impossible. We wanted to read 5 applications for our open County Sheriff position a year ago, discuss findings of a private investigator we had hired to background the guys, and couldn't go into closed session to do it. All hires are to be done in open session. What that means is that no one worth hiring for one of our upper level positions will apply because their attempt at leaving their current employer would be written up in the paper.
The only way around that is to circumvent the system somehow but no matter how you do it the public ends up knowing less than what they would have with the old law. The attorneys who invented this problem to solve, shot themselves in the foot. Again.
Hi JIm
Oh how I wish I was able to fall asleep like Adi.
Up Adi..Gotta'. find Jel!!!..and Jimmie!! and Sioux! Love Terry

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