Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Our Montgomery County Early Ford V8 Club Outing

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We had a few of the Houston club come with us. The guys [includes girls] above are from our club, here we are attending a short business meeting.
We went to two car collectors/rebuilders for a visit. The first we visited specialized in Model A Fords. The other one featured here liked mainly 50s, 60, and 70s of all models.
That motorscooter in the foreground is a Mustang, I don't know what year.

Great pics Jim. Thanks. I've spent a lot of time sitting around car shows myself. Dan still has his 57 Fairlane. Nice car.
HI Jim

Sorry I haven't been checking your blog. I am trying to stay off the lap top for a bit anyway. lol

I love these old cars.

Take care xx
Hi Jim..
Great shots of the cars,thanks for the visit.
Stay Well..

My husband is a "mad Ford man" himself, I will have to show him your pics. If you still looking for a place to park the Mustang II, we can accomodate it for you, but I suppose the shipping to Australia might be a little costly!!

Take care, and dont let Mrs. Jim overwork you around the house !!

Happy Valentines Day Jim!!!

Take care xx
Happy V Day!
jim and mrs Jim!

and thanks for the visit, and comment!

Looks like fun Jim.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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She had so many children, she didn't know what to do.
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So, you like old cars. There is a museum near me in Boston that has lots of old car shows. It's called the Museum of Transportation in Brookline. If you are ever over this way in the summer, check it out.
Gidday Jim,
That's a great collection of photos of old vehicles. I have a friend you is interested in old cars so I sent him the link to your blog.
I'm pleased you enjoyed my post on Mackay. It's a very pretty town especially with the tree lined streets.

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