Monday, February 05, 2007

Three fixes


Use duck tape to hold the TV together

Use glue to glue the cabinet together

Use glue to glue the screw posts back on, then screw the cabinet tightly shut

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Hi Jim
If my television was in such bad repair that needed to be glued screwed and taped, theres one place for it. thats the TIP.Cheers
Duct tape, naturally.
Of course, you'll have to put a strip all the way 'round for the best look.
I'd like to see the "after" picture.
Duct tape. The handy man's friend. Use 1/2 of a roll for best effect. But be sure not to block air vents.
I think duct tape too. It holds everything together:))
This 20 inch Magnavox TV is almost new, fairly inexpensive [$88.xx], and works fine.
It fell to the floor from about three feet.

Jeanette, I should have put "throw away as an option." We will see what the some other might have to say about that.
I vote for #3. Duct tape will not go with your decor Jim. Mrs. Jim will not like that. NO DUCT TAPE!
It's got to be duct tape.
LOL!!!Duct tape works for so many things.
Hi Jim ~~ How come you dropped a near new TV from a height of 3 feet anyway
I doubt if any of the remedies will save it. Thanks for your visits and
comments. I am not sure why we are having blackouts, but since the last one my TV has been playing up and my line kept dropping out all day yest. I couldn't comment or post. Seems OK today, and it is cooler too.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
I vote for the duct tape; it's a big item in our house.
I know for a fact that All 3 will work.
Love the photos too.

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