Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Amber Can . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Make herself at home at Adi's house

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See yesterday's blog, Amber is Karen's cat, our grandcat.

I didn't want you to think she wasn't being her part of the family.

That's my chair at the breakfast table too.

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HI Dad, Funny to see the happy new face relaxing at... and blogging from... your home! Addi can be... jealous? T
Yep, no worries here about Amber not feeling at home!
Hi Jim..
Nice snap of Adi and Amber they seem to be quite chummy.
Keep well Jim
She looks very relaxed and happy.

I had a dog called Amber once.

Too cute.

Take care xx
Every night while I am cooking dinner. one of my kittens hops on my chair, curls up and goes to sleep. Of course, I let them be and just slide into another chair.
Hi Jime ~~ It is great that Adi and Amber are getting on so well. It
makes life easier and after all they are family. Tanks for your visit.
Glad you liked the Doctor jokes (or are they jokes?) They can be a worry
sometimes. Take care, Regards, Merle.
Hey Amber!! So nice to see you again.
I sure hope you didn't get jet lag when Adi flew you and your buddies home.
I trust that you will lose a little of that weight that you put on here..I never saw such a thing.
The way you were stuffing yourself with that food, it looked like your mama never fed you a day in your life!

Although we sorely miss you, we sure do appreciate that we don't have to get up so early every morning now!
Five AM is NOT the Canadian way.
I really think that it was annoying your sister Adi too.
Her Grampa usually lets her sleep in until ten every morning.

I slipped an extra pack of kitty treats into Adi's hat, and I hoped that they wouldn't arrest her at the border for smuggling, but by the looks of your grampa Jim's blog, I guess you all made it home!

Well it is getting pretty late so I will have to say goodbye for now and hope you won't be missing your mama, Karen too much..

If things get a little boring Amber, just tell your grampa Jim that you want to see that video he has of a piano playing cat.....Love from your Canadian hostess, Terry

PS Shopper's nose is finally in joint again.
I never knew that a cat could get so jealous!!

Hi Jim and Adi!!

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