Saturday, March 24, 2007

Another first, my first drink in a public place

This isn't an old haunt that burned last weekend. I was only there once, it was with my Dad. We went to Herman for something, I wasn't even old enough to go to school yet.

We went in the little cafe and sat in a both by a window. It seemed we were joined by another man.

Drinks? They must have been Pepsi. Or root beer. Dad liked both, he made root beer at home so it probably was Pepsi.

I'm pretty sure he didn't have beer, Dad didn't drink that I knew of. He used to smoke but gave that up a long time ago, I remember that.

Dad would say he used to want to have four kids. But he and Mom only had us two, Lois and me.

The reason--for having no more kids--he said was that for me he gave up drinking and for Lois he gave up smoking. He didn't have any other vices to give up so he couldn't have any more kids.

The fire? It was arson, I'll tell of the burning of this Herman saloon another day.

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Memories are great Jim. Thanks for sharing yours.

Take care and I will be thinking of you today xx
I'll bet Herman was named after a Herman??

I haven't had a root beer in ages.
Wonderful memories.
Hi Jim Lovely memories for u to keep
Good grief. Is there anything left in Herman? I'll be passing through there next weekend.
Gidday Jim,
Love root beer. I remember my mother also used to make ginger beer and often you'd hear the corks popping during the night.
Don't forget to post the story on how the building in Herman was burnt down?

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