Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This and That -- Times four again: Start with "The Prodigal Returns"

The Prodigal Returns!
[click on pictures for full screen].

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This prodigal is our newest computer. It is a little humdinger but it had to go away. You see the battery gave out when it was only five months old.

So off it went on Averatec Warranty service. Not only did it get a new battery but they also replaced a part--I know not what it was--so the fan would operate correctly. It might have stopped or at least it got very quiet.

Now it is back and runs without any fuss. The tech forgot to tell us not send the pretty box back. Do you think those Irving, Texas, repair people returned our pretty box? No. I sure wish we had it back. Boo to Telespan Services, Inc.

We got it for Mrs. Jim because it is smaller with a 13.3 inch screen. It fits better than a larger one in the antique vanity she keeps it in. Nice too is it's nice clean white color.

Specifications: Averatec 4265 with a Pentium M 730 processor; Windows XP Home; 512 MB RAM; 80 GB hard drive; DVD +/- Burner; 4-in-1 Media Reader; and built in WIFI for Internet. In otherwords it has all the bells and whistles Mrs. Jim needs.


This Surely Looks Gross


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I thought it might be a colloidal suspension but that turned out not very accurate. Those little squigglies, they aren't colloids?

It looks very gross doesn't it? To think I put that on my hands quite regularly and sometimes elsewheres on my bod.

Actually it started out with some Island Sense Luxury Body Soap--white in color--and then mixed with Suave Passion Flower & Rosemary Body Wash. I shook it fairly well, it just didn't mix good.

Didja Know?

That Frank Sinatra "was buried with a bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey, a pack of Camels, a Zippo lighter, and 10 dimes?

"Daughter Tina Sinatra said carrying the dimes dated back to the 1963 kidnapping of her brother, when her father wanted to make sure he always had pay phone change.

""I think it came from Frankie's kidnapping, maybe before,'' she said on CNN's Larry King Live. "He never wanted to get caught not able to make a phone call. He always carried 10 dimes.''

"She placed the dimes in his pocket. Her sister, Nancy, put the bottle of whiskey in Sinatra's pocket and someone else slipped in the cigarettes and lighter." [source: Frank Facts (link)][There's more there too.]

BTW, I heard the question on the Millionaire program tonight and got the answer before the contestant guessed it for $50,000. I should be a life-line. Any takers?

What Fun!

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Yes, it's tax time again. Jim does his Dad's every year. Dad has Federal, Nebraska state and Iowa state. Sister Lois dropped it off Thursday while we were at the funeral.
Did you see this computer? It is my HP with the same processor as Mrs. Jim's Averatec but is only about half as fast. I have the Spies weeded out and the Ad people on hold. It runs anti-virus every evening at 8:00 and I do an occasional defrag.
(makes five, dosesn't it?)

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Adi and I found this on our walk to the mailbox. We took the long way, starting left away from the mailbox to end of the block/street and went on down to the 16th fairway. Then we walked the length to the street that would lead to the mailbox. Kind a' like going around the block, it was a rather large one.

These people are growing a golf ball flower bed. Their property is halfway up the par four fairway. My drive wouldn't make it to their back yard but evidently a lot do.

I say 'growing' because it does grow a little everyday when they pick up those out of bounds golf balls and put them in the flower bed. I would like to think that every now and then they might give some away. That's the way I get my balls, the only ones I have bought were for Mrs. Jim.

My son, Mike, will only play a ball nine holes. Then he plays a new one. Our Thermos chest full of balls, he gave me them five years ago, is finally empty.

Good post!
We did our taxes early this year.
Our income tax return was just enough to cover the property tax.
You lap tops look good. We don't have a lap top.
Blogger must have ate the comment I left on your post that linked me.
Thank you for the link. My comment was only a translation of Merle's secret code. Merle is the one who mentioned Olive.
But Hey, you got me to your blog didn't you?
Have a fabulous day!
I got our taxes done last week.
I don't like to put it off. Just do it and be done with it.

I would like to have a laptop computer like Mrs. Jim has!

That's lots of golf balls!!
It's amazing what they fit into a notebook now Jim, I hadn't heard about the trinkets buried with Frank but he would have appreciated them in life.
Hi Jim ~~ Good post,lots of info. Mrs.
Jim's new computer looks nice so I hope she has fun with it. I hadn't heard those bits about Sinatra, but when a friend of mine died, another
friend threw some coins in to his
open grave.(So he would have some cash
on the other side) ??? Thanks for your visit and kind words about my posts. I try to please. Take care,
Cheers, Merle.
Hi Jim Good post Looks like a nice laptop I hope you have know more trouble with it. Take care
I loved reading this post. Very interesting.

Take care xx

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